Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Unexpected Visitor

When I opened the garage door this morning to leave for work, I noticed an unexpected guest who had made himself at home in the middle of my driveway...

Cool, huh?? Well, I thought so. Look at that coloring! Can't say I had ever seen a toad quite like him before. I also noticed his left front leg was crooked, which gave him even more of a unique look.

this guy refused to budge until I actually touched him to move him into the grass so I could go to work (and not run him over). My cat even went up to sniff him a few times and he didn't move. Stubborn little toad. :-)

He finally agreed with my insistence that the grass was a better place for him to hang out. Here he is again, just before I left work.


ashley said...

Lol! He thought he had some pretty good camouflage on your driveway.

Was he a big one?

Dawn said...

He was definitely the largest I've seen around my house - a little bigger than the size of my palm, I'm guessing.

No sign of him when I returned home from work last night, so hopefully he found his way back to the woods in back of my house. I contemplated picking him up and carrying him back there, but quickly nixed that idea... ;-)