Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Let Go of the Rope

Easier said than done, I say.

My typing skills are temporarily severely diminished, as I suffered a nasty rope burn over the weekend. This will likely be a short post, because of my typing frustration.

How did it happen? Short answer: I didn't let go of the rope. Somewhat longer answer: I was working on trailer loading with my mare (she has major issues with it)... she spooked and caught me off guard. My instinct was to grab the rope instead of let go. Bad choice in this case.

Afterward, I took a look at my hand and thought "oh that's gonna hurt". And I was right. Second and third degree rope burns... the worst part was cleaning it and trying not to be a crybaby. :-)

Luckily, my sister (who is a PA) was there and got me cleaned up, treated, and wrapped my hand so it looked like it belonged to a mummy. She put Silvadene on the burned areas and let me tell you, that stuff works miracles. By the next morning, the pain was nearly gone and the healing progress was amazing.

Here is my trailer-challenged mare (and The Rope That Caused Me Great Pain):

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Life With Dogs said...

She looks so innocent : )