Monday, February 23, 2009

Protecting The Incision

Well, I've officially humiliated my dog.

In an effort to keep Bailey from licking, biting, scratching and generally messing around with the surgery incision site, I'm putting her in a protective collar during the day when I'm away from home and can't keep an eye on her. Now, I've been trying to convince her that this collar (called Bite Not) that I got for her is actually much more attractive and comfortable than the traditional e-collar that the vet sent her home with, but I don't think she's buying it. What do you think?

This is her look of shock and horror that I'm putting her through this nonsense:

This is her look of resignation and sorrow:

And this is the look of humiliation, while she is cursing me under her breath:

The Bite Not collar is actually pretty darned awesome from my point of view and definitely a worthwhile investment for me. When she was wearing the original e-collar from the vet, she wouldn't lie down, kept bumping into things, and was generally pretty stressed out while it was on. With this collar, she has her peripheral vision, she can easily nap in it (which I've witnessed), and she tolerates it surprisingly well.

For more details on the Bite Not collar and where you can buy it:

P.S. They also have them for cats! What I can't picture is how you'd actually get your cat to hold still long enough to allow you to put it on...


Laurie said...

Oh my, she really is cursing you......

Christy said...

Stylish! :-p